Digital Guard Tours

A Clear & Simple Digital Guard Tour System

Full Officer Accountability & Transparency

Providing full accountability in a security guard company is a critical differentiator and a scalable advantage. Clients expect transparency on where and when guards are active and what is actually getting done. But traditional guard tour systems lack the ability to show clients what guard activity looks like in real-time.

Tell a More Complete Story

Silvertrac’s digital guard tour system software provides a complete story of every security guard tour with:

  • Custom tour sequences
  • Step-by-step post instructions
  • Live tour updates
  • GPS mapping/checkpoint verification
  • Optional photo and/or written note reporting requirements for increased accountability
  • Instant notifications on checkpoint scanning

An All-Inclusive Mobile Guard App

Everything guards need for rounds exists within an intuitive mobile guard app that:

  • Scans checkpoints using QR Codes, Barcodes, or NFC Tags
  • Sends specific instructions to the phone for each hit
  • Automatically logs GPS and time-stamping on each scan
  • Shows time left before each tour is due
  • Crosses out each hit as it happens

Send Relevant Information Quickly

Guards need someone behind the scenes to create and dispatch tasks in order to stay focused. That’s why every piece of data gets sent back to the issue monitor database automatically. The Issue Monitor gathers all scanned checkpoint data from the field and prepares it in your Daily Activity Reports. Allowing management to better measure guard performance and address issues before they cost a contract. All of this radically streamlines daily operations, keeps guards focused, and increases client satisfaction.

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