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So, How Does It Work?

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Security Guard GPS Tracker

Know where your patrols are at all times to ensure immediate, on-site accountability.

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Real-Time Reporting

Get instant, accurate reports with time-stamped photos, audio files and notes from the field as events occur.

Incident Management

Receive and send instant alerts of critical issues for fast response. Notify anyone, or everyone, in the order that you want.


Security Guard Management

Publish and send custom reports of incidents and employee performance to position your team for success.

Reduce or Eliminate Cross-Training Time

Silvertrac’s unique auto-prompt system allows you to send site-specific instructions, customize tasks by site and give notes by location so your officers can learn as they patrol.


Personal Silvertrac Customer Success Agent

Your dedicated agent is there for you every step of the way to help you achieve your goals.

See What Our Clients Are Saying

“Using Silvertrac was our way of not only being different than the rest but also being more accountable for our officers and so much more.”

Anthony Rumore, Business Development Manager at VSS Security Services

“We have really enjoyed using Silvertrac software for our company operations. Not only does it provide accountability for our staff, it also creates transparency for our customers who also love that we use the service. Highly recommended.”

Todd McGuire, Vice President at Bedrock Protection Agency