Adding a New Account: Step-by-Step

Here is a list of the steps involved in adding a new property to Silvertrac. Keep in mind, that not all properties or accounts will use all of the steps highlighted here. Just think of this as a checklist to reference as you are adding a new account. 

At the end of each step there is a link to an article/video that explains more about the process being mentioned. 

Before You Start

You'll want to use the New Property Template to gather all the useful information before you start setting up Silvertrac. Filling out this quick document will make it really easy to setup Silvertrac.

If you haven't already, check out this quick video on how to complete the template

1) Add a Management Company

Each property in SilverTrac must be assigned to a management company. To add a Management Company go to: 

Management --> New Management Company --> Complete the Fields --> Click Add Company

For more information about adding a new management company visit, Adding a New Management Company.

2) Add a New Property

To add a new property go to: 

Properties Tab --> Add New Property 

Complete the steps within the wizard. For a step-by-step guide to adding a new property visit, Adding a New Property Using the New Property Wizard.

3) Add Post Orders and Reviewing Property Details

To add or edit post orders to an existing property go to:

Properties Tab --> Edit Property --> Select Property --> Click Property Details 

In the middle of the page there is an option to insert or edit Property Notes/Post Orders. Any information entered here will be displayed in the notes section of the handheld. 

For more information on how to add post orders to a property visit, Adding or Editing Post Orders

4) Add and Assign Issue Types

To add new issue types to this property go to: 

Properties Tab --> Edit Property --> Select the Property --> Select Issue Types --> Select Add New Issue

For More information on adding new issue types visit, Adding New Issue Types.

To assign existing issue types to this property go to: 

Properties Tab --> Edit Property --> Select the Property --> Select Issue Types --> Assign Security, Maintenance, or Parking Issue Types 

For more information on assigning issue types to a property visit, Assigning Issue Types.

5) Add Checkpoints (optional)

Adding checkpoints to your patrol routes can streamline your user's reporting process and maximize accountability. To add a checkpoint to this property visit: 

Properties Tab --> Edit Property --> Select the Property --> Expand the Checkpoints Tab --> Add New Checkpoint 

After filling out the fields provided click Add/Save Checkpoint. For more information on adding a checkpoint visit, Adding a Checkpoint.

6) Add Tasks (optional)

Adding tasks is a great way to make sure that recurring tasks are automatically sent out at a predetermined time. To add a task go to: 

Properties Tab --> Edit Property --> Tasks --> Add New Task

After filling out the fields provided click Add/Save Task. For more information about adding tasks visit, Adding a Task. 

7) Add New Users 

Adding users that will be either reporting information or managing the reported information is an important step in adding a new property. In order to add a New User go to:

Users Tab --> New Users

Fill out the information provided then click Add New User. On the following page select the user role and user security group and then click Save User Details. For more information on adding a new user visit, Adding a New User.

8) Add Notifications (optional)

The Notifications feature within Silvertrac allows you to stay connected with the issues being reported in the field, in real time. To add notifications go to the: 

Users Tab --> Edit Notifications --> Select the User from the menu --> Fill out the fields provided --> Click Add Notification

For more information on adding notifications visit, Adding a Notification.

9) Setup an Android or an iPhone

You'll need to download the app on your Android or Apple device. Once you've setup the device, you'll need to activate the device to report in to Silvertrac. 

10) Testing and Pulling Reports

After setting up all of these items use the handheld device to submit test issues and reports. After submitting multiple issues from the handheld, login to the issue monitor and pull some reports. To view information on pulling reports visit, Pulling Reports.

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