Success Recipe: Post Inspections/Managing Supervisors

In this success recipe we'll look at how to setup Silvertrac to manage your supervisor activity. This recipe will help you track internal issues like officer tardiness, uniform violations, supervisor site inspections, and more. 

Why should you track supervisor activity?

In the security guard industry supervisors contribute to non-billable hours, which means that it's important that your supervisors are adding value to your operation and your clients. Otherwise, you'll be losing money right off the bottom line. 

There is a fine line between your supervisors adding value to the operation and your supervisors distracting officers from doing their jobs. 

How to Setup Silvertrac for Post Inspections & Supervisor Management:

1. Create a Management Company that you can use internally.

2. Create a Property entitled: "Post Inspections".

3. Add the Address as "00 {Company Name} Management".

- For Example: "00 A-Z Security Management"

5. Add all the issue types you'd like the officers to report. (See the sample list below)

6. Optional: If you want your clients to know each time a supervisor visits the site, setup an issue type or a checkpoint at each property that your supervisor can scan/submit each time they are on site. 

7. Train your supervisors on how to report their activity through Silvertrac. 

Recommended Issue Types

Remember to take the time to personalize these issue types for your vehicle inspections. These are some pretty standard issues for vehicle inspections, however, the priority levels may change based on your standards and whether you want to list them as all Security or Maintenance Issues or a mixture of both

  Security Level 1  
Officer Not on Site Officer Asleep Officer Out of Position
Uniform Violation Unacceptable Hygiene Insubordination
Client Complaint Guard Card Not Present Equipment Violation
  Security Level 2  
Additional Training Required Misuse of Company Property  Unprofessional Behavior
Deficiency: Customer Service Deficiency: Surroundings Deficiency: Post Order Knowledge
General Findings Post Order Update Needed Deficiency: Situational Awareness
  Security Level 3  
Officer Exceeded Expectations Positive Client Feedback Suggestions From Officer

Sample Performance Reminders 

Tasks/reminders are a great way to remind officers of items that are important to their performance on site. Using the task feature as an additional training tool for your officers is also a great way to impress your client. 

Here are a few reminders you can use to help improve your officer performance and client relationships:

Remember: if you are going to use these reminders they need to be added as individual tasks to each property.  

Receiving Pass Down Orders

Task Description: When receiving pass down orders please remember to: 1. Receive any pass down information from the officer you are relieving and/or from dispatch. 2. Ask for any specific tasks that need to be addressed. Add all pass down orders in the notes section of this task and close the issue when the task(s) has been completed. 


Task Description: Your responsibility at this property is to perform basic asset protection duties that will add to the physical safety of the property by reducing the potential for vandalism, fire and equipment removal, as well as damage due to natural causes.

Uniform Standards & Personal Hygiene

Task Description: Uniform Reminder: 1. Your uniform,  personal grooming, hygiene and overall appearance must be maintained to the highest standards at all times. 2. You must be in proper uniform attire at all times when on duty. 3. It is a requirement of your position as a security officer to be cheerful, cooperative, alert, attentive and tactful at all times.

Performance Goals

Task Description: 1. Remember to think about the safety and protection of tenants, visitors and employees. 2. Contemplate ways to improve the safety and security of people and property. 3. Always bring your suggestions and recommendations to  management’s attention. 4. We award people with great ideas that help our clients!

Maintenance Issues

Task Description: 1. It is important to report maintenance issues to building management as soon as possible. 2. The most commonly used method of reporting a malfunction is by use of the maintenance report and the DAR. 3. Security may notify management by phone when they are present. 4. The incident should be entered on the DAR and should also state which manager/supervisor was notified.

Sample Checkpoints

In order to show your client that your supervisors are checking on the officers, we recommend adding a checkpoint or issue type to each property called, "Supervisor On Site". 

Sample Instructions:

Attention Supervisor: When you are on site please check the following items: 1. Inspect Uniform Appearance 2. Ask the officer,  "How are you doing today?" 3. Ask the officer, "Is there anything I should know about?" 4. "Is there anything you need for the job?" 5. "Have there been any unusual occurrences to report?" 6. Go over the post orders and any other important updates. 

Sample Note:

A {company name} supervisor visited the site to ensure quality officer performance. While on site the supervisor checked the officer's knowledge of the post orders, appearance and uniform, and overall professionalism. 

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