Silvertrac Success Recipes by Industry

Learn How the Experts are Using Silvertrac to Win
New Business & Retain Contracts

Ever wonder how top Silvertrac Users are using Silvertrac? Well the guessing game is over! 
Our Succes Managers have put together to tips, tricks, and how-to's they teach our clients to crush it in each industry.

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Apartment Community

In this success recipe we'll look at how to setup a standard apartment community account. Of course we'll cover the basics but we'll also show a few additional ways to ramp up the value for your clients. We'll cover things like:

  • Routine patrols & checkpoint
  • Common Incidents & Issue Types
  • Conducting lighting inspections and working with the maintenance team
  • Generating reports that will lead to more contracts.

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Patrol Vehicle Inspections & Maintenance

It's super important to track vehicle maintenance and upkeep if you want your patrol cars to last a while. This success recipe will show you how to use Silvertrac to manage vehicle inspections. We'll cover things like:

  • What a driver should do at the beginning of each shift
  • How to track gas purchases, preventative maintenance, and mileage
  • How to compile a full vehicle history that will help you calculate the real cost of ownership.

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