Case Study: Pono Security

Silvertrac Case Study Pono Security

Needing Accountability for Growth

Pono Security was started in 2011 in Maui, Hawaii by Sean Wilson. They started out with standing guards, mostly in bars and nightclubs, and eventually added retail shopping centers and resorts with mobile patrols. From the beginning, Pono has been dedicated to “being there for clients. [They] want to be the clients’ eyes and ears when they’re not there.”

Sean brought in his close friend, Eric Waddell, shortly after starting Pono Security to help grow the business. Eric previously spent his career prior to Pono in the restaurant industry. He remembers feeling challenged out the gate:

“I saw almost immediately the lack of accountability and the lack of understanding of what guards were doing on a nightly basis. I knew that I couldn't grow a business without understanding what guards were doing out in the field and being able to hold them accountable. Everything was still done by paper or just by calling them or by going out and seeing them. One of the first things I went out to do was to find some type of technology that would allow for that accountability.”

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Deciding on a Solution

Because Pono Security wanted to be the eyes and ears for clients, they knew that they needed a way to be able to share information with clients in a very simple way.

Clients don’t always want to see all of the information either. Sean and Eric knew they needed a system that was not only easy to use but also able to meet any client’s unique needs and requests.

When they decided to look for a software solution for their security company, Sean and Eric looked at a few options before deciding on Silvertrac. Eric mentioned that he would absolutely recommend looking into the other security guard management solutions like he did before making a final decision.

Pono’s decision to go with Silvertrac was based on their dedication to empowering guards.

“Our guards mean everything to us. If it wasn't for them we wouldn't be as strong as we are as a company. What Silvertrac has done is given them this fulfillment of knowing that they're directly involved in communicating with the client. The guard is taking the time and responsibility to let clients know that something is wrong on the property.”

Simplified Operations 

Eric said that getting up and running with his guards was an easy process.

“If you have a little bit of computer knowledge and computer understanding then it’s a very simple software to use. That’s what makes it so attractive to the guards and ourselves.”

When officers or clients do have issues understanding the software, Eric said that he relied on the Silvertrac YouTube channel to solve almost any problem.



Pono Security was able to start using Silvertrac immediately to tackle one of their biggest needs - adaptability.

One of Pono’s biggest markets is resorts. Eric said that many of the resorts couldn’t afford standing guard rates, so Pono started implementing mobile patrols at the resorts. But Pono’s mobile patrol officers still get out of the car and walk the site. They are able to set up site-specific routines for the guards so that each property gets the kind of reporting they need.

Eric and Sean are now in charge of their operation in a way they never thought possible. By getting rid of paper reports and phone call check-ins, they are able to increase efficiency. Not only that, but with all of their information digitized and all in one place, they always know where their officers are, when the officers complete tasks, and when it’s time to notify the client.

On the client-side, Pono delivers information that matters to their clients and uses automated reporting to make sure they get it when and how they want it.

Eric mentioned that Pono tends to keep a lot of their supervisors in the field. By using GPS-tracking and the client log-in, clients get a supervisor view any time they want. Guards can communicate with dispatch and supervisors within the app. All of these different features have made communication channels simpler than ever at Pono Security.

“I always tell the client, guards, and supervisors ‘This is how you communicate in one fell swoop.’ Once they get the hang of it, they start utilizing it.”

Client Accountability

Pono Security works hard to create partnerships with all of their clients and make sure that they feel involved. Eric mentioned that not only do they give all of their clients access to the client portal, but they also take time to get clients comfortable with it and check-in with them to make sure they’re using it.

“Every guard company should want every client to have access, and if the client wants to get in [the portal] they can. The fact that you’ve shown them how to do it makes them excited about you being on the property.”

Most people find success with guard management software because they can keep their guards accountable. While Pono finds this to be true, they are much more thankful that they have a solution that keeps clients accountable to their reporting.

The client really wants the information, but it's up to them to be able to go through that email every day and see what is going on with their properties. We've had a few incidents where the client comes back and goes ‘You never told us this!’ And we go back and say ‘It was in your report. If it was urgent, you got another email for it.’”

Show the Value of your Service to Customers

Eric and Sean found amazing success once they figured out how to simplify their operation and prove the value of their services to customers. You can find success just like they did. Our mission is not just to sell you a product. We want you to win more contracts, hire better employees, and meet the goals you’ve always wanted to achieve. At Silvertrac, we win when our customers win.

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