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008: Interview of Jeremy Paris of the Veteran Resource Podcast

Interview of Jeremy Paris of the Veteran Resource Podcast

Episode #8 featured a great interview with Jeremy Paris, founder of the Veteran Resource Podcast. I got the opportunity to learn about several amazing organizations that Jeremy is working with. In addition, we asked Jeremy about how today's security operators can partner with local Veteran Service Organizations to improve their workplace environment and attract better employees. 

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About Jeremy Paris

Jeremy Paris was born in Buffalo, NY and joined the US Army immediately after graduating from high school.  After ten years as a Personnel Administration Sergeant he left the military to become a government contractor performing computer support to the Department of Defense.  Fifteen years later he is still supporting the same customer, but has climbed the ladder to Sr. Systems Engineer.  Jeremy has also spent the last five years on the staff of Veteran Artist Program (VAP), a non-profit Veteran Service Organization.  While at an event in Washington DC with VAP Jeremy shook hands with people representing so many veteran-focused organizations that he was blown away.  It was the realization that most veterans had no idea that these organizations existed that prompted Jeremy to start this podcast.

Show Notes

  • Visit the Veterans Resource Podcast in iTunes, at the official website, or on Facebook

  • Visit Got Your 6: Got Your 6 is a campaign that unites nonprofit, Hollywood, and government partners. Got Your 6 believes that veterans are leaders, team builders, and problem solvers who have the unique potential to strengthen communities across the country.

  • Veterans Artist Program: Since 2009, VAP has worked with national veteran and arts organizations to produce six music/theatrical live events, filmed three documentaries, one feature film, curated gallery exhibits, provided videography/photography services, and helped organize more than 30 community improvement projects, including painting two murals in Baltimore. 

  • Partnering with VSOs can help your business create a more attractive workplace for veterans, which will increase the quality of your workforce. 

  • VSOs are dedicated to serving both veterans and the communities they live in. 

  • Search online for VSOs in your community and see how you can get involved today. 

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