1 Step To Differentiate Your Services from Other Security Companies


When Chris Anderson started his security company more than 25 years ago, he asked himself: “What can I do to differentiate myself from all the security companies I’m competing with?” To find the answer, he started by researching what his competitors had in common. What he found was this:


Not that all of Chris's competitors actually had accountability, but they all said they did! In fact, “Accountability” was the selling point security companies most often cited. But when he began talking to his potential clients to find out what they wanted from a security company, their answer had nothing to do with accountability. They wanted results.

Here’s the problem that “accountability” doesn’t even begin to address: Most security companies think they’re doing a good job if their security officers complete each, individual task listed on the post orders. That’s not really the case. A client might write down, “Patrol the parking lot twice a night,” but what they really want is for tenants’ vehicles to be safe from thieves, vandals, and the most insidious of parking lot offenders – parking space freeloaders.

Instead of having a task-oriented mindset, you need a results-oriented mindset. Results are what clients want, after all. And your job – if you want to set yourself apart from your competitors – is to go beyond the post orders and ask yourself what the best method is to achieve real results.

First, ask your clients and potential clients what results they want. What concerns them most about the safety of their property? What do they want from you? Once you know that, you can begin the journey to becoming their security partner, and not just their security vendor.


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Casey Evans

Casey Evans