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071: 5 Things We Learned from ASIS 2015 and CALSAGA 2015

It’s been a couple of crazy months for us here. For the first time in a while as a company, we visited both ASIS 2015 in September and CALSAGA last month. Both were incredible experiences.

ASIS was almost overwhelming in its size, with about 20,000 attendees. We got to learn so much and meet with a ton of new people, but even still it felt like we missed about half of the expo just because there was no way to see the whole thing. With CALSAGA, on the other hand, there was a much smaller number of attendees and have some great conversations with existing and potential customers.

Reflecting on these two conferences, we’ve hit upon some major takeaways that we want to share with our listeners and readers. 

The Industry Is Changing

The most striking thing about ASIS was the energy throughout the conference center and the sheer volume of new technology that’s being rolled out in the industry today. More and more, security is becoming about tech instead of bodies.

It’s not just reporting systems either, though there were certainly plenty of those. We learned about all sorts of cameras, gadgets, and other tools that can help your officers be more reliable and effective. Some of the neat tech we learned about included:

  • A device that attaches to an officer’s belt and buzzes if they accidentally walk off without their keys. (See Tether Technologies)
  • Barriers capable of stopping a full speed semi-truck in its tracks.
  • Countless software systems with just about any functionality you can imagine. A few of our favorites are Deputy Software, Kwantek, and Team Software.

Innovation is becoming the driving force in the security industry. Companies that can’t adapt and utilize all the new technologies to improve their business are going to struggle. Companies that find creative uses for these new tools are going to win new customers and have a superior value proposition.

All the tools to help you speed up administrative tasks such as payroll, hiring, proposal, etc. allow you to accomplish a lot more and be proactive about improving your business rather than constantly running around putting out fires.

We Have A Great Product

Ok, so we’re a bit biased on this one, but it was awesome to see the reaction from people at both ASIS and CALSAGA. There are so many options for customers to choose from, we had around 10 competitors there, and we managed to sign up 18 new customers on the spot.

Not only that, but we got interest from security teams outside our normal wheelhouse. We’ve typically marketed to contract security teams, but we had some very productive conversations and worked with in-house security teams at places like universities, medical facilities, and manufacturing plants. We even onboarded a security company in Nigeria that manages over 17,000 officers!

This is not about tooting our own horn, although it is fun to do that every now and then. The reason we’re talking about this is because we’ve worked incredibly hard to create a tool that can help security operators be more effective, and to get confirmation that we’re succeeding at that goal was extremely gratifying.

We Love Our Customers! 

We got to meet face to face with over 70 companies that are using our software, and it was really a fantastic experience. We especially enjoyed the people that said they stopped by because they listen to the podcast and read the blog.

We love getting to communicate with everyone through the blog and podcast here, as well as through e-mail and social media, but there’s no substitute for a face-to-face meeting, so we just want to say thank you to everyone for coming to talk to us and for being loyal customers.

You Are Incredible

I already knew this having owned my own security business before starting Silvertrac, but Johnny really came away from these conferences with a renewed appreciation for the amount of work and dedication it takes to succeed in the security industry these days. 

“What they face on a day to day basis, having to manage everything from scheduling and payroll and hiring and managing guards and managing supervisors and pulling together proposals and marketing and customer relationships… it was just incredible,” he told me on today’s episode.

That really is why we do what we do. Security owners and operators today have to work so hard to keep their businesses running. We want to leverage all the new technology out there to make your lives easier, so you can waste less time, make your customers happier, and spend more time growing your business.

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Chris Anderson

Chris is the Founder of Silvertrac Software and has been working in the security industry for more than 25 years. He enjoys working with our clients everyday to help them grow their businesses and really enjoy what they are doing.

Chris currently lives and works in Seal Beach, CA.